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Pancreatic cancer prevalence, Pancreatic cancer prevalence


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    Int J Mol Sci ; 18 2 Feb Despite the fact that screening methods became more effective and the knowledge we have nowadays about pancreatic diseases has enhanced, pancreatic cancer prevalence incidence remains high. Statistical assessment was performed by associating genetic polymorphism with clinical and pathological data.

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    In both pancreatic disorders and healthy control groups the polymorphism we studied was in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium. Association between increased risk for pancreatic disorders and studied polymorphism was statistically significant. These genotypes influence disease development in a low rate.

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    In Romanian cohort, we found an association between the KDR A→G polymorphism and acute pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer. Carriers of the G variant allele were more frequent among acute pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer than among controls, suggesting that KDR G allele may confer an increased risk for these diseases.

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    In the futuremore extensive studies on larger groups are necessary, in order to clarify the role of VEGFR2 polymorphisms in pancreatic pathology.